Developmental Regulation of KCC2 Phosphorylation Has Long-Term Impacts on Cognitive Function

Yvonne E. F. Moore, Leslie C. Conway, Heike J. Wobst, Nicholas J. Brandon, Tarek Z. Deeb, and Stephen J. Moss

Identification of a Core Amino Acid Motif within the α Subunit of GABAARs that Promotes Inhibitory Synaptogenesis and Resilience to Seizures

Anna J. Nathanson, Yihui Zhang, Joshua L. Smalley, Thomas A. Ollerhead, Miguel A. Rodriguez Santos, Peter M. Andrews, Heike J. Wobst, Yvonne E. Moore, Nicholas J. Brandon, Rochelle M. Hines, Paul A. Davies, and Stephen J. Moss

Metabotropic, but not allosteric, effects of neurosteroids on GABAergic inhibition depend on the phosphorylation of GABAA receptors

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Phosphorylation of Glutamine Synthetase on Threonine 301 Contributes to Its Inactivation During Epilepsy

Déborah Huyghe, Andrew R. Denninger, Caroline M. Voss, Pernille Frank, Ning Gao, Nocholas Brandon, Helle S. Waagespetersen, Andrew D. Ferguson, Menelas Pangalos, Peter Doig, and Stephen J. Moss

Neuroactive Steroids Reverse Tonic Inhibitory Deficits in Fragile X Syndrome Mouse Model

Modgil A, Vien TN, Ackley MA, Doherty JJ, Moss SJ, Davies PA